What is Somatics?

2019-01-03 website c

Here’s some unpolished “free-flow” writing, in my non-native language:

Somatics is a way to explore our corporal ground in order to extend our awareness.

It’s the joy and the freedom to recognize we’re a whole exploring his subtleties; mixing them, creating new relationships while becoming aware of those already existing, and nurturing the ability to question all of them.

Sensations, movement, sound, touch, storytelling, observation; multiple ways to access scientific and embodied knowledge; possibility to discover from within and to hold or let go all of it, to yield to whatever we’re facing or push it away, reaching to go outside our comfort zone by curiosity or pulling the unknown toward us in order to experience it from a safe and secure ground. Just a bunch of possibilities!

Blood, cerebrospinal fluid, synovial fluid… Rythms and flows to explore by themselves, to compare, mix, alternate, dissociate or merge, to possibly allow to express their resonance inside and out. Inside the skin, the fascia, the muscles, the fibers, the cells; what’s in what’s out? What’s all that about?

A very clever person once told me “(…)you’re the only one having access to this body, wouldn’t you be a fool to not take the opportunity to explore it?”

It’s our way to sense and connect with universe; our own powerful and yet subtle channel.

Embodying my individuality in multiple ways through the tools Somatics offer is leading me to deny this individuality while dissolving into Earth’s vibrations. I wish. I wish. And yet, the joy of tangible experiences can override it all. Sometimes. Denying whatever scale to rate and judge thoughts, feelings, histories, experiences, levels of awareness, priorities. That’s also what it is about. Spirituality is not superior to flesh nor thoughts more or less valuable than emotions. How to accept everything while still respecting our limits? It’s utopic.

It leads me to an utopic quest and I assume it’s foolish. It makes no sense and is contradictory in it’s own nature. But contradictions, oppositions, differences and denials, as well as full embrace, are all part of nature.


Well, this is where Somatics leads “me”, not what it is; it can be as many as we are and in as various ways as moments anyone explores it. Amazing, no?