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It’s a celebration of who we are!
— Geneviève, Winter 2015

It’s like going back to the basis of our human beingness, of our body…
— Sophie, Fall 2013

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Here’s an invitation to explore inner and outer landscapes through movement, touch and sensations:

Moving, for the sake of it and the pleasure of movement.

Sensing, to widen the range of sensations you can feel and how they are interpreted.

Observing; with your hands what’s happening beneath the skin, around you with all your senses, and inside through proprioception.

Why? Because your ability to relate is established from within, while your relationship with the world creates the connections/coordinations enabling each of your movement. It’s a continuum.

Let’s discover /deepen how you embody each and every moment; for the fun of it! And all the possibilities it can yield.

Vanessa Gagnon
Somatic Movement Educator Certified in Body-Mind Centering®
Registered Somatic Movement Educator (ISMETA)


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